I have seen the most improvement in using homeopathy for stomach flu. I would say stomach flu is even more debilitating than a cold, only because you are chained to the toilet and even as a nurse, I HATE throw up. Conventional medications for stomach flu would include antidiarrheals. In the holistic view of the body we would never want to suppress our bodies natural way of expelling the pathogens that make us sick. Homeopathic remedies for stomach flu wont work to completely stop your vomiting or diarrhea but allow your body to come back into balance where it will still expell what needs to be out but keep you balanced in not becoming dehydrated. 

For stomach flu, 30c is an acceptable potency to begin with. 30c is a basic potency and perfect for home prescribing. Please read potency and dosing for more information on dosing. 

Single Remedies

ARSENICUM: this is the the #1 remedy for stomach flu with stomach pain, sharp, vomiting diarrhea sometimes at the same time better with sips cold water, fear of death 

Carbo Veg: 



Nux Vomica: NAUSEA and vomiting, 


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