Is Homeopathy the Prosperity Gospel?

Updated: Aug 19, 2018

I have been told by professing Christians that the notion that God CAN and WILL heal with the natural remedies He has given, is a false gospel. To be specific, they claim it is the "name it and claim it" prosperity gospel. I am sure many of the folks regularly using homeopathy or that have experienced cure of chronic illness may be confused by the idea that some Christians would claim use of a remedy would somehow denote a belief in a false gospel or any gospel.

Unfortunately, most Christians only know modern medicine or sick-care. When all you know about healthcare is sick-care, allopathic doctors fail to heal you, suppressed symptoms turn into more advanced illness, and hopelessness results.

Western medicine is hopeless and when all you know is western medicine, all you know is hopelessness.

Though it is an argument wrought out of conviction, I think it is important to define the prosperity gospel and review this thought process many will defensively use.

What is the prosperity gospel? The prosperity gospel is: ‘a religious belief among some Christians, who hold that financial blessing and physical well-being are always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to religious causes will increase one's material wealth. Prosperity theology views the Bible as a contract between God and humans: if humans have faith in God, he will deliver security and prosperity.’

The prosperity gospel IS NOT wrong because of the belief that healing comes with faith in God, that is a real and true thing and exhibited over and over in the Bible.

In the early Church, when you accepted Christ and were baptized into the Kingdom of God, you were not eligible to receive benefits from the state-run government. So the Christians of the day were reliant on, not only natural medicine to heal illness, but living righteously within the guidelines God had given in the Mosaic Law and in their faith in the healing power in Christ alone. The early Christians lived by faith that Christ would heal them or they would have had to go back under the jurisdiction of Caesar to take advantage of the 'free' socialized medicine (pharmakeia) that came with it.

Being baptized into Christ's kingdom also meant you lived in a network, where each person was not to be served, but was to serve others. This was not a lifestyle consistent with being chronically ill, as you would not be able to be an active part of the things that needed to be done to love your neighbor and allow an alternative government to flourish. We can see that by how much the early congregations, under the government of God, grew in that time (their size rivaled that of Rome). Having faith in God comes with the blessing of health which is passed on from generation to generation.

The reason the prosperity gospel IS WRONG, is because of the reliance on and placing your faith in fiat wealth and seeking the unrighteous mammon of the world.

The conflict is not so much that these prosperity 'preachers' heal someone in their big televised events. The conflict comes when these sophists seek only worldly material gain for themselves and their ministries. When they promise that material wealth to you, by you trusting in god and in giving them money. The truth is these entertainers have nothing to truly give because they do not worship the one true God, whose Kingdom is not of this world. Their 501c3 ministries are already entangled with the State, the unrighteous mammon of the world and in their material wealth which 'moth and rust shall corrupt'.

The Christians who get upset at the notion that faith in God CAN and WILL heal, are likely convicted and do not want to question that they could lack faith or could be serving the wrong kingdom. They stick to their man-made doctrines that praise suffering and their liturgies, thinking those motions alone will save them. They will not admit it with their lips, but they do with their actions, that the power God is not good enough for them. Their faith lies in the man made doctrines that they have to suffer because they are 'chosen'. This belief is completely antithetical to the Gospel of the Kingdom. If you are unable to care for yourself, how can you care for your neighbor? Why would God establish His Kingdom amongst those that are so chronically ill they cannot even do the simple tasks that are required in living in community?

Here’s the truth, when we hyper-spiritualize the role of Christ in our lives with sayings like, “God heals who He will”, we make God out to be this magical sky magician that seemingly heals one person and not another. The fact is that God is clear! He has given us every plant on the earth to heal ourselves with and gives us practical ways to use them in how we take care of the body He has given us. God wants you to keep the Sabbath by taking care of your body without resorting to fiat ‘medicine’. When we seek out Benefactors who exercise authority over us and our children’s bodies, instead of the one true God and His ways, we will be given over to a debased mind and hardened hearts who deny the healing power of God and the simple, beautiful, complex body God designed for us.

So the answer is that homeopathy is NOT EVEN A TINY BIT consistent with the prosperity gospel. It is quite surely the most biblically sound way to manage our health in its ability to resolve illness at the root.

If you have been living without hope that you can be healed or have believed the lie that your suffering is what God wants, take this as a sign. There is hope, Christ died to provide an alternative kingdom and that includes an alternative, natural way to heal. You can get better and have a life focused on what God has designed, serving one another.

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