The Fall and The Foundation of Disease

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

A common question of Christians and non Christians alike about illness is: why would a God who loves us allow us to be sick?

Many different theologies have many different ideas, but I think it's best to answer this question by looking at disease and the foundations of it alongside scripture.

Psora 'Psora is the most ancient, most universal, most destructive, and yet most misapprehended chronic miasmatic disease which for many thousands of years has disfigured and tortured mankind and and which during the last centuries has become the mother of all the thousands of incredibly various (acute and) chronic (non-venereal) diseases, by which the whole civilized human race on the inhabited globe is being more and more afflicted.' -Dr Samuel Hahnemann

Psora: Any of various skin diseases characterized by the presence of scabs or scales, usually with itching; especially scabies, mange, or (in later use) psoriasis.

Psora was first used as a word in the late 16th century; from classical Latin psōra or its etymon ancient Greek ψώρα itch, mange from an alternative form (with different vocalism) of the stem of ψῆν to rub, wipe + -ρα, suffix forming nouns.

Psora is sometimes referred as 'the itch' and often associated with the scabies mite. But it is much more than that. Psora is classified in homeopathy as a miasm, in modern science this idea is referred to generally as epigenetics. A miasm an inherited weakness and determines your bodies predisposition to certain illnesses and diseases. There are many miasms and Psora was the first to be 'discovered' by Hahnemann.

Psora is from what the rest of the diseases of mankind are birthed. It is why we can never be immortal nor in perfect health. No matter how healthy we are, we will always have this foundational taint of psora upon the human race. No other disease could exist without psora, but how did what is now called psora come into being?

'If the human race would have remained in a state of perfect order, psora could not have existed. ..for it goes back to the very primitive wrong of the human race, the very first sickness of the human race, that is the spiritual sickness.' - Dr J.T. Kent, Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy

Samuel Hahnemann and Dr. James Tyler Kent believe psora began with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And I agree with that idea as it is supported by scripture. I am not sure what specific moment gave us Psora (Eve eating the fruit, Adam eating the fruit, or Eve simply entertaining the thought of being as God), but it originated with the 'Fall of Man'.

Psora is what the inner disturbance, that produces the external expression of disease, is called. Psora often affects the skin and diagnoses like scabies, lice and eczema are all psoric in their nature. Diseases originating from psora are more than ailments of the skin, and chronic and far reaching in the diseases wrought from it. Psora can affect the mental, emotional or physical planes of the individual.

Biblical Parallels

In the time of the Old Testament, the outward expression of psora was called leprosy. Leprosy in the Bible was very different than the leprosy we have today, in that it was much more severe and disfiguring. It seems consistent that the mark Cain subsequently received unto his flesh after he murdered his brother (Genesis 4:15) was the first outward symptom of psora. Below, Kent describes the Flood (Genesis 6) as being the event that wiped away the people group with the original, more severe form of leprosy, save for Noah and his family,

'And long before the time of Noah's flood, which was an inundation that destroyed the evil ones that were upon the earth at that time, there was a manifestation, called leprosy, which was but the result of the dreadful profanity that took place in this period. A great many people suffered then from the violent aura of leprosy... If we had the same race upon the earth today we would have leprosy among them, as we now have the milder form of psora.'

Kent goes on to inform, that the ancients called leprosy the 'internal itch', which is interesting since the symptoms are external upon the skin. However this is consistent with a holistic understanding of disease, in that, all outward symptoms of disease are at the core an internal disturbance. He goes onto explain the state of psora:

'Hence this state, the state of the human mind and the state of the human body, is a state of susceptibility to disease from willing evils, from thinking that which is false and making life one continuous heredity of false things, and so this form of disease, psora, is but an outward manifestation of that which is prior in a man.'

Hahnemann speaks of the more mild version of leprosy that still plagued those in the Middle Ages, leper houses were very common as it raged. “ external alleviation in the means conductive to cleanliness, which also were brought by the crusaders from the Orient; namely, the (cotton? linen?) shirts before unknown in Europe.” In the Old Testament (Leviticus 19:19, Deuteronomy 22:9-11), the Israelites are told not to wear clothing made of mixed fabrics, specifically linen and wool. I personally have always found it strangely specific, plus, these verses are often used by non believers to question the Christian faith and their claims we aren't following the whole Bible.

Charles Whitlaw wrote in 1838 on the Mosaic Law and gives clarity to the command to not wear mixed fabrics:

'Neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee—Although this precept, like the other two with which it is associated, was in all probability designed to root out some superstition, it seems to have had a farther meaning. The law, it is to be observed, did not prohibit the Israelites wearing many different kinds of cloths together, but only the two specified; and the observations and researches of modern science have proved that ‘wool, when combined with linen, increases its power of passing off the electricity from the body. In hot climates, it brings on malignant fevers and exhausts the strength; and when passing off from the body, it meets with the heated air, inflames and excoriates like a blister’.

I found it fascinating how simple and logical the reasoning behind not mixing these fabrics comes down to breathability and inhibiting trapped heat and sweat. This is known not only to cause skin irritation and chafing but bacteria live in sweat and leprosy is caused by bacteria. Thus having a lightweight, sweat-wicking material was a very important measure in cleanliness.

Science Supports Scripture

But it gets better! In 2003, a study on the frequency of materials in the agricultural setting confirms Mr Whitlaw's explanation and the guidelines God instituted:

'In 2003, a study was done by a Jewish doctor, Heidi Yellen, on the frequencies of fabric. According to this study, the human body has a signature frequency of 100, and organic cotton is the same – 100. The study showed that if the number is lower than 100, it puts a strain on the body. A diseased, nearly dead person has a frequency of about 15, and that is where polyester, rayon, and silk register. Non-organic cotton registers a signature frequency of about 70. However, if the fabric has a higher frequency, it gives energy to the body. This is where linen comes in as a super-fabric. Its frequency is 5,000. Wool is also 5,000, but when mixed together with linen, the frequencies cancel each other out and fall to zero. Even wearing a wool sweater on top of a linen outfit in a study collapsed the electrical field. The reason for this could be that the energy field of wool flows from left to right, while that of linen flows in the opposite direction, from right to left.' - Life Giving Linen

Heidi Yellen and others have found that the properties of linen make it antibacterial and the frequency of it makes it healing. But, when linen is mixed specifically with wool the healing properties are compromised.

Where we find the Laws about mixed fabrics in the Bible, we also find the Laws about clean and unclean food (Leviticus 11) and what was permissible to eat. As with dress, the dietary laws seem quite daunting especially in this modern day when these Laws aren't recognized and any food is at our disposal. Hahnemann goes on, that along with warm baths, “exquisite diet and refinement in the mode of living introduced by increased cultivation” worked to decrease rates of leprosy. This very basic idea of a healthy, nutrient dense diet as a factor to keeping the immune system healthy, thus decreasing the incidence a bacterial infection like leprosy was effective. By the 15th century, the disfiguring leprosy of old was only appearing as the 'common itch'.

The historical accounts of what helped leprosy outbreaks, is again consistent with what God instituted in the very beginning and modern science confirms that. It makes sound logical sense that for a people that were the lineage to Jesus Christ, Savior of the World, certain precautions had to take place in order to stay healthy. Without running water, access to many medicines and the advances we have today; clothing and diet were very basic places to ensure cleanliness. Holistically, clothing and diet are not suppressive therapies and allow the body to self regulate the numbers of bacteria, calling into action the immune system when there is an overgrowth, thus allowing the human body to become stronger in fighting off disease.

As civilization continued on, the Mosaic Law was perverted by the Pharisees and was the standard they held themselves to, not realizing they were simply the guidelines to keep a nation of people healthy. The modern Christian often has no clue what to make of the Mosaic Law and spouts off only that it will not bring salvation. He does not realize the functionality, beauty, and that God, even in the earliest days of man, bestowed the knowledge of very primitive natural remedies to keep His people healthy.

Now as I study Psora, and see how ravaged those suffering from leprosy were, I understand the strict dress and food restrictions in the Mosaic Law were practical and related to inhibiting the spread of disease.

So, back to the question, why would a God who loves us allow us to be sick?

'Disease corresponds to a mans affections, and the diseases that are upon the human race to day are but the outward expression of man's interiors...Man hates his neighbor, he is willing to violate every commandment; such is the state of man today. This state is represented in man's diseases. All diseases upon the earth, acute and chronic are representations of man's internals.' -Dr. J.T. Kent, Lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy

The truth is, our own tainted, sinful nature is what allows us to be sick.

We choose disobedience and mistrust in the One True God by: choosing other gods, committing civil adultery, coveting and stealing, not honoring our father and mother, not keeping the Sabbath and not loving our neighbor. These allow a state of disorder to thrive in our internal. When the inner state is already full of disorder, a stimulus to reflect the diseased nature of our inner state need only be present and the physical symptoms of illness will consume our exterior. God gives us the choice in how we respond to situations.

God gives us personal responsibility to love our neighbor and keep the Sabbath.

God gives us the freedom to choose to be ruled by Him and not other men.

When we willfully choose to violate the commandments given to us by God and Jesus and choose the heavy burdens of men, disorder and disease will flourish.

But there's hope!

Jesus died not just to forgive us of our sins and the ways we have sinned against God, but to give us freedom from the bondage of men and a place in the Kingdom of God.

Homeopathy is a wonderful way to help reorder your inner economy and heal the foundational weaknesses present in all of us, to a place where not only diseases can be healed, but your inner state will also return to a state of God given order. This doesn't denote immortality or inability to get sick, but an overall renewal of mental, emotional and physical health.

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