Grandma's Healing Touch

Choosing a remedy can be overwhelming at first, especially when you or your child is sick.

In homeopathy, 'like cures like', so you want to choose the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms. The worst thing that can happen is you pick the wrong remedy and don't improve. In that case, you just need to rematch.

The first step to choosing a remedy is to take a deep breath and calm yourself so you can be objective


Go back to when the ailment began and see if there was an inciting factor

Were you just outside in the cold? Did you have more sweets than usual? Did you just have a huge fight with a close friend?


Now grab a pen and paper and write down your observations. Use all of your senses to observe physical symptoms:

Look: What color is the skin? Is there rapid or slow breathing? What color is the snot? Are the pupils bigger or smaller than normal?


Listen: What does the breathing sound like? In a cough, does sound like the bark of a seal? Or is the cough dry? 


Touch: Is the skin warm or cool? Is the head burning hot and arms and legs cool? Is is the same temperature all over?


Smell: What can you smell? Do smells make you more nauseous? Does smelling fresh air help? Does the drainage smell like cheese? Putrid? 


Taste: Does your mouth have a metallic taste? Can you taste blood?

Once you have written down the physical observations, you want to observe behavior and emotional symptoms:

Is your child more whiny and clingy?


Do you feel more easily frustrated?


Are you more weepy, crying easily?


Do you desire company more?


Do you feel like death is imminent?


Is your child having nightmares?


The last part in finding the proper acute remedy is what is called the modality. So, what makes it better and what makes the symptom worse:

Is your nasal congestion better while in a hot shower or while in cold air?


Is the nausea better when you sip on ice water?


Is your child better after he throws up?


Is your leg swelling worse when standing?


Is your hip stiff first thing in the morning but loosens up once you get moving?

Does your child need to be up moving by you rocking him to settle? Or does he prefer still and quiet?

Once you have these things all written down, you can start going through the reference books you have on hand to match these symptoms to the right remedy. 

Remedies for Colds 

Remedies for Stomach Flu 

The tools listed here are for acute illness. Acute illness is defined as anything under 10 days. If you have been sick longer than 10 days (using homeopathy to treat or not) its best to consult with a homeopath. Some long lasting acute illnesses are actually symptoms of a chronic issue and need a constitutional remedy.