Many self professing Christians have questions about homeopathy and its origins. Below are some frequently asked questions and arguments used to discredit homeopathy by Christians and the answer to them by Minister, Homeopath and author of A Christian's Guide to Homeopathy, Alan Crook.

I have added my answers to these common objections after his text in italics.

No 1: Potentization suffuses the remedies with occult power and makes them dangerous.

It has been shown scientifically that liquids can carry a “memory” of the electromagnetic energy pattern of a substance which was previously dissolved in them, and of which no molecules remain. Water can also be charged with the electromagnetic frequency of an allergen and used to relieve allergy symptoms when carried by the patient. Thus there is a scientific explanation for the action of the ultra-molecular potencies. To attribute the action to occult power is superstitious, and there is no reason, either scientific or religious for doing this.

Potentization refers to the process of making a homeopathic remedy. A substance is taken placed into a vial of water, shaken, a drop is taken out and placed in a new vial water, shaken, a drop taken out and placed into a new vial of water, shaken and so on... The process used to be done by hand but is now mostly done by machine. To imply this process somehow makes a remedy dangerous or could have anything to do with the occult is superstitious and also ignorant.

No 2: Because some homeopaths use divination, homeopathy is an occult practice.

Using a pendulum or any other means of divination is a part of an individual's private philosophy of life. It is no part of homeopathic practice as taught in colleges and described in textbooks. The majority of homeopaths practise without a pendulum, and its use could be regarded as a sign of inadequate skills or training. Because some go to work by bicycle, this does not mean that the bicycle is the the only means of getting to work.

Most people do not inquire or care about their physician's personal philosophies, so long as they are qualified by some board of proponents of Western Medicine, including having little pieces of paper hanging in their office called certificates, diplomas, and degrees. People in need of healthcare, might get a warm, fuzzy feeling if their doctor claims to be a Christian, but they have no discernment about what kind of 501c3 religious provider they attend once a week, or what kind of organizations they donate to, or how they treat their spouse and children.In addition to this level of hypocrisy, Western Medicine was created to explain the functions of the body in a limited way, without taking into account the existence of God, the body's architect. The overwhelming majority of doctors choosing to practice Western medicine have lazily adopted the ideology of Scientism and its blind trust in the corporate slogans and false claims of the established pharmaceutical/political industry that endeavors to monopolize healthcare for the purpose of increasing its profit margin. Its ways to 'heal' are to keep people sick and paying for it. In essence, it endeavors to create a perpetual bondage that leads down a slow road to physical death, feeding on your debt for the entire way. It does not even acknowledge or pay homage to an all powerful God who created your body as a holistic organism that is designed to be recognized as a body, soul, and spirit, unlike Homeopathy. Which practice of medicine sounds more like the occult practice to you?


No 3: Vital Force is an oriental, non-Christian concept, and Christians who have anything to do with it will get mixed up in oriental religions and be susceptible to demonic influence.

Biophysics has shown that every living being possesses an electromagnetic energy field. This controls all the organism's vital functions, and if its resonance is disturbed, the vital functions are disturbed. This energy was first observed by Chinese and Indian physicians. They did not invent it; it is a natural phenomenon. It is neither the invention nor the property of any one culture, religion or philosophy. Because Western orthodox medicine deals only with the physical, materialistic aspects of the human organism, it has chosen to overlook it, but every other major system of medicine in the world takes it into account. There is nothing occult or demonic about it, and there is no reason to fear it.

Vital Force is just a word Dr Hahnemann used to describe the Spirit-like force everyone has within them. If it is the phrase itself that makes you uneasy, seek to understand the meaning before incorrectly assuming it is 'demonic' in your knee-jerk reaction. Our Vital Force is more complex than even homeopaths know: it keeps us in homeostasis, it can affected by any stimuli we make contact with, and it can be thrown off by things like traumatic events, pharmaceuticals and even very strong emotional discharge. Have you ever wondered why you might get sick when the seasons change? Or why you might be more susceptible to being affected by changes in temperature? These questions may be addressed by the fact that your Vital Force is compromised by your environment or mental and emotional state, which has a parallel affect on your body. The truth is that this is not an not 'oriental' or 'demonic' concept, but simply a more efficacious way to acknowledge the deeper workings of the human body, soul and spirit. God created us, not as mechanical, naturalistic systems, but as holistic organisms that will need to be treated in all areas of our being and not just physically. Scientism has sought to explain away all of the facets of the human condition, and in the process has removed the need to give glory to the God who made them. In exchange, it has endeavored the creation the expert on how the creation works. This is the influence we should be looking to avoid, yet until we rightly understand our bodies and how God created them, we will continue to be influenced and lured away from true health and into a clumsy way of merely getting by in treating our symptoms.


No 4:Homeopathy is disreputable because of certain aspects of Hahnemann's life.


The aspect usually objected to is Freemasonry. In Hahnemann's time it was routine for all brilliant and original thinkers to become Masons. There was no perceived conflict with their Christian beliefs. Hahnemann was a Christian. Much of the chaos and misfortune which occurred in his life was contributed to by the persecution which he suffered at the hands of the medical and pharmaceutical professions.

The idea that his nominal association with Freemasonry would discredit Dr Hahnemann is a low-hanging fruit excuse for people to seek to suppress the truth of homeopathy. It is common knowledge that most lower-level masons are unaware and kept out of the loop of the workings of the inner-circles within the Freemason infrastructure, but even this is an irrelevant topic to whether homeopathy is efficacious for healing and does nothing to take away from the truth that homeopathy is superior to Western Medicine. Freemasonry is a suspicious and wicked secret organization that no Christian should partake in, but it is only a distraction when it comes to discussing the practice of Homeopathy.

No 5: Hahnemann's proving of quinine could not be repeated, and the whole of Homeopathy is therefore an inventors error.

What is so important about Homeopathy is the Principle of Similars, not one particular proving. The Principle of Similars has been successfully applied in healing by homeopaths in countless thousands of cases, and was being used before Hahnemann as well. As for provings, results vary between provers, depending on their individual susceptibilities, and the total results are pooled. Provings are different from a scientific experiment, which must be repeatable and which depersonalizes those taking part.


No 6: Homeopathy is a non-Christian medicine because of its association with the New Age movement, which is inspired by Eastern mysticism and Astrology.


Homeopathy was in use well before the New Age movement and did not grow from it. That fact many New Age sympathizers use Homeopathy does not make it New Age therapy, any more than the use of allopathy by English people in Europe makes it a solely English system of medicine.' 


This is one of the first oppositions to the practice of Homeopathy that I realized was false. When I considered studying homeopathy, I too considered that it may have been part of the New Age Movement. This did not turn me off to learning about Homeopathy, but encouraged me only to study it with my Bible open next to me, always discerning whether something questionable in my education. 

I am happy to say the original teachings and philosophy of homeopathy, are not only consistent with scripture (much moreso than western medicine), but truly treat the person as a human made in the image of God, on an individual and unique basis. There is no mention of the New Age, eastern mysticism or astrology in any of Hahnemann's writings.  

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment in classical homeopathy. And that is the beauty of why it is curative. The original science is truly just simple physics and often the terms used in New Age ideology are merely a perversion of simple concepts found in physics. For example, the word 'vibes' is shorthand for 'vibrations' and denotes that an object is always moving and has a resonant frequency. Once we understand the original ideas behind terms we hear proponents of New Age philosophy use, we can find the truth (or fault) in it. But we must put down our biases and understand our opposition or we will continue to miss the beautiful, gentle, simple, deep acting ways God has given us to heal ourselves of illness. Any worldview can pervert and twist the things of God, but close study will reveal the truth. 

No 7: Some homeopaths use astrology. This means that it is non-Christian and Christians should avoid contamination by it.

As with divination, the use of astrology by anyone is a question of their philosophy of life, and has nothing to do with Homeopathy in itself. It does not make sense to condemn a whole profession simply because a minority of its members does something of which we may disapprove. Any Christian patient who wishes not to have contact with astrology should check with the homeopath before starting treatment, and go to another practitioner if necessary.


No 8: Homeopathy claims to be a spiritual medicine. Spiritual matters should be left to the Church. Non-experts dabbling in spiritual matters may defile the Christian patient's spirit.

The fact that Homeopathy recognises that human beings are body, mind and spirit does not make it a spiritual practice or a religion. It it not in competition with the Church. Allopathy is alone among the world's major medical systems in dealing only with the physical aspect of the human being. Many consider this to be a shortcoming.

It should be noted that when Hahnemann uses the word “spiritual” in his writings, it is in the sense of 'non-material and dynamic', and does not have a religious sense. It is possible that the mistaken idea of homeopathy claiming to be a 'spiritual practice' comes from this being taken out of context.

The Church, in line with the culture today, has effectively removed the truth that man is a body, soul and spirit. This has had detrimental effects on the way we understand and treat illness, and Christians are suffering with illnesses at the same rate as the rest of the world. It seems to me that using a system of medicine that acknowledges a person holistically is more consistent with scripture and is something sorely needed by a group who claims to be 'set apart' from the world.