COLDS ARE THE WORST! And many conventional cold medications like Tylenol and Motrin make them even worse by suppressing our body's natural defenses (fevers are healing!) and are damaging to the body.  Thankfully, homeopathy is a great way to treat colds while also strengthening the immune system, so it knows how to fight the next cold. 


With help from the National Center for Homeopathy, I have made a list of my favorite remedies for colds and the symptoms you would look for to know it is a good remedy to give. 

For colds, start at a 30c potency remedy. 30c is a basic potency and perfect for home prescribing. Give at least 4 doses of 1-2 pellets, spaced at least 2 hours apart and see if you notice improvement. If all is the same, you may need to rematch. Coming soon is a page on potency and dosing for more information on dosing. 


Aconite: My go-to for the first signs of illness! Sudden onset, often after exposure to cold weather, cold after being cold (think swimming, even a chill after a bath or shower); fearfulness, high fever, restlessness, sensitivity to light, thirst; watery runny nose, sneezing, headache; early stages of croup. 


Belladonna: Sudden onset; high fever, dry flushed hot face, enlarged pupils, “strawberry tongue”; mentally dull but unusually sensitive to light, odors, noise, etc.; anxious; throat raw and sore; headache and/or earache with throbbing pain; painful barking and short cough, producing a little thin mucus.


Chamomila: often used for earache; very irritable and sensitive, child wants to be carried; severe pain; one cheek red and hot, the other cool and pale; thirsty.


Hepar Sulph: rarely used in the beginning stages; cold may have started with watery, runny nose, but now nasal discharge is thick, yellow and may be bad smelling; sneezing at the slightest exposure to cold; wants to be wrapped up, especially the neck and head, with the ears covered; rattling throat cough possibly with croupy sound, may cough up thick yellow phlegm; cough worse from cold air, cold food, exposure to wind, deep breathing and uncovering; sensation of splinter in throat; earache may begin with sensation of poking pain from throat to ear on swallowing; chilly, hoarse; irritable, sweating with sour odor, extremely sensitive to drafts; worse from slightest touch.

Kali Bichrome: My go to for sinus infections! Severe sinus pressure with bearing down on the teeth, toothache, pressure at root of nose and cheeks, face sensitive to touch, head or face pain that can be pointed to with one finger, yellow snot, much congestion, stringy discharge, difficult to expel, better with warm shower. Used during later stages of cold; thick post-nasal drip; hoarse voice; better from heat and lying down.


Merc SolCold begins with creeping chilliness; violent sneezing; thick green or profuse watery nasal discharge, making nose and upper lip sore; raw sore throat, difficult swallowing; coated tongue, heavy salivation, bad mouth odor; ticking ear pain, worse at night; very thirsty, weak and trembling; whole person smells sick; worse at night, lying on right side, with wet and damp weather, sweating, a warm room, or a warm bed. ** This has been a big sore throat and cold remedy in the 2019/2020 season**


Pulsatilla: Matched for emotional symptoms, very clingy and weepy, wants sympathy and attention, feeling its useless to do anything to feel better; craves open air. Yellow-green discharges, with stuffiness alternating with fluent discharge; nose may run in the open air and the evening, and stuff up in a warm room , lips are chapped and peeling; dry mouth with a lack of thirst; both dry and loose coughs, alternates; sensation of weight on chest; coughing spasms may end in gagging or vomiting; cough worse when lying down, with exertion, a warm room,; better with open air. Great for ear infections! Red, swollen external ear with an earache, with severe throbbing pain, worse at night; feels as if the ears are stopped up;

Oscilliococcinum: This is technically only one remedy but is sold next the the cold blends. It is specifically for flu symptoms.

Please check the National Center for Homeopathy for more cold remedies.





It is always best to pick one remedy that matches your cold, but in a pinch there are some blends made by homeopathic pharmacies that are wonderful to have on hand as well. All remedies and blends listed are safe to give to infants, as well as adults. Listed ages on homeopathic products are related to laws in labeling for the manufacturer and not implying a remedy wouldn't be safe for a child.


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You can also get homeopathic remedies at any natural grocery store (Whole Foods, Sprouts, Fresh Thyme, Natural Grocers), HEB carries individual remedies, and your retail pharmacies (Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart) will often carry the blends listed.