Thanks for making it this far! 

I am passionate about Christ, seeing people return to health and flourish and living lives that are indicative of Truth and righteousness. 

When I first decided to study homeopathy, it was a number of years after I was treated. I feel like being on the other side and knowing how far I had come was a huge catalyst to push me into studying homeopathy. 

I wanted people to experience freedom from the things they were told they wouldn't be free from. 

I wanted others to see how wonderful and good God is to give us all the things right here on earth to heal us and bring us closer to Him.

I created this blog because the original writings of Hahnemann and Kent reference God and the Bible often. We knew they were Christian, but the schooling for homeopaths doesn't bring those aspects into play. I wanted to understand homeopathy from the biblical and historical context of its founders. I wanted to take the original teachings and readings of homeopathy and put them back into context with scripture. 

Along the way, I have grown in my understanding of how God created us. I am even more encouraged that this is the way God designed us to heal. Not just specifically with homeopathics, but in understanding frequency, energy, color, sound, all the primitive things God has given us are the ways for us to heal today. Homeopathy is not only consistent with scripture, but consistent in the manner in which our bodies are designed and heal and I hope to show that in my writings. 

You can contact me with any questions you may have, or if you just want to talk about how cool homeopathy is, that would be awesome too! xo

'Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.'  Matthew 10:8