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In the beginning, God created the earth and man, and gave him every seed and plant to cultivate and use for His glory. God also indwelled man with His Spirit to live by and keep his way straight. Even with these gifts, mankind has chosen that the rule of man and what he gives by force, is better than that of what God freely provides.


In the realm of healing and medicine, that looks like choosing Scientism and pharmakeia, instead of the wisdom and subsequent health that comes from a God that gives life. This is grossly evidenced by the increase in mental and physical illness in mankind today.

This site exists to educate those with ears to hear, on homeopathy and the healing modalities provided by God; to be used in their rightful place, which is among those

seeking Christ's Kingdom.

Our God is the God of frequency, energy, science and healing. He created this all and desires us to rely on our faith in Him to utilize what He has given and

rightly understand these scientific concepts in

their proper context, alongside scripture.

The Greek word for 'heal' in scripture is therapeuō,

it means, 'to wait upon menially, to serve, do service.'

To be able to fully utilize our bodies natural healing, we must be willing to sacrifice of ourselves, and serve and love our neighbor out of free will, hope and charity. We also must repent of our lack of faith in God and being led astray by the ways of man. 

The Son of God came to earth to provide us with an alternative that would set us free from the dominion of man. Not only in our religious practices, government structure and in how we love one another; but in our health and wellness too. Christ’s death and resurrection sets us against the rudiments of this world that lead to death under the precepts of men and allows us to be free souls in a resurrected life within the Government of God. The sacrifice of our conquering King, was to destroy these works of the Devil. Let us remember this truth and live according to it daily.


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